Good Diet, vitamins and supplements

Jaguar cars don't perform well on low grade fuels and nor do our bodies, especially when doing vigorious excerise and sport. Junk food and missing meals are a sure way to decrease the body's performance. Add to this an unblanced diet where either protein, carbohydrates or fat are execessive or too low and the chances of performing well are reduced. Vitamins and supplements can be used to make sure the body is getting enough of these important products or where a sportsperson knows their diet is inadequate.

Reasonable Expectations

Unfortunately because we are human our body sometimes performs well and other times not as well. This can just be a bad day, a bad week or a bad season. Trying to push the body when its not ok or worse still when its carrying injuries will ususally not work and probably cause irritation and annoyance. Understanding that the body goes through different cycles.

Inner Conflicts and Emotional Problems

Although it doesn't seem connected emotional problems and inner conflicts can reduce your sporting performance. If you have these there is usually no need to rush off to a therapist and spent many hours on a couch discussing many issues. There is the middle ground where taking time off to relax, spending time with wiser (and probably slower) older perople like coaches and retired sports people where you can talk through issues which is just as likely to sort things out as going the formal therpapy route.

Illegal Drugs

Most illegal drugs are illegal for a good reason they usually have very unpleasant side affects. This group includes body building drugs and recreational drugs, like cocaine. If you use them expect in time your bodt performance's will deteriorate and you may end up with long term medical problems.

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